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In January 1997, Pamelyn and her husband, Dr. Jerry Vlasak, were involved in a demonstration in Syracuse, New York outside a fur store, and a subsequent hunger strike in jail. An article about this appears at .

2/14/97 Pamelyn is planning to appear at the Star Trek fan convention in Pasadena on March 20 She will be signing autographs.

3/10/97 Here's more info about the Star Trek "Grand Slam" Convention, as posted to by . It's at the Pasadena Center, Pasadena, California, March 21-23. For info, call 818-409-0960 ext. 224, or write Creation, 411 North Central Ave. Suite 300, Glendale, CA 91203.

Guests include Pamelyn Ferdin, Shatner, Kelley, Mulgrew, Dorn, Koenig, Farrell, Picardo, Russ, Nimoy, Brooks, Spiner, Takei, Nichols, Shimerman, McNeill, Whitney, and Roddenberry, and a host of other red-shirts from TOS, VOY, DS9, and other ST movies.

Pamelyn will be signing photographs composed by yours truly, based on video-grabs made by another fan of this page. To see the photograph, click here.

3/10/97 The (long!) Ferdin interview is coming soon. We have permission from the publisher, the Seattle 'zine "Feminist Baseball". The author is a Pam fan, too. A visitor of this page has volunteered to type it in.

3/25/97 Pamelyn returned from the Star Trek Convention and said that it went very well. She signed hundreds of autographed pictures for fans, and may decide to offer the same pictures by mail, if you missed the convention. Pam said, "The pictures were a hit!. It was a lot of fun, and thanks to you and Dave, my table was swamped."

4/14/97 Added the Feminist Baseball interview. Click here to read it.

5/15/97 Contacted by author who's writing a book about Rod Serling's Night Gallery, and who wanted to contact Pamelyn regarding her appearance in the episode "Brenda" in 1975, also starring Laurie Prange.

6/29/97 If you've got a Pamelyn memory to share, please send it to me in e-mail, and I'll add it to the fan mail page. Still no word from Pamelyn if she'll be making available those autographed pictures.

10/3/97 Updated links, info and fan mail. Pamelyn has e-mailed and said she's working on a way for you to get autographed pictures.

10/14/97 Added "Family Affair" and more "Odd Couple" images.

11/12//97 Updated a few links and film references.

12/7/97 Updated info, added news of latest demonstration.

In early December 1997, Pamelyn and her husband were involved in an anti-fur demonstration in early December in Los Angeles, in which it is claimed that Vlasak was beaten and punched by the arresting officers. Pam was one of the "Beverly Hills 6" were later conducted a hunger strike in jail.

She wrote a letter titled "Is letter-writing enough?" in No Compromise, the Animal Liberation Front newsletter.