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The June 17 1996 issue of New York magazine had an article about animal rights that includes a quote from Pamelyn. Read it at

In October 1996, Pamelyn wrote a letter-to-the-editor in Satya, "a magazine of vegetarianism, environmentalism, and animal advocacy", which you can read at their web site.  At the time, she was living in Danbury, Connecticut.

12/17/96 Someone's sent me e-mail, saying he's contacted Pamelyn or her agent, and will be scanning more pictures, and sending along an accurate filmography.

12/25/96 Flash again! Pamelyn has seen this page. She sent me e-mail. She'll be sending more pictures and information about her career, which will be posted here. Check back soon!

12/31/96 Pamelyn's package arrives. In it there's a great multi-page interview with her. It looks like it was from some kind of movie insider / fan newsletter. Unfortunately, no attribution was listed. I'll track it down and hopefully we can get an electronic copy for this page.