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Fan Mail Page Four

Here's the fourth page of commentary from random e-mailers. Yes, if you send me something, I might place it here, minus your name and e-mail address. Jump to fan mail page one, two, three or four.

You too huh? I was nuts about her when I was 10 years old. She was my only pre-pubescent crush.  Unfortunately she was upstaged by Dorothy Hamill when I was 11 and my system was changing. Then she was on Space Academy and I was smitten again. Unfortunately her Baretta and CHiPs appearences revealed a homely side to her, she still looks good now though. I was disappointed in Her and Cameron Mitchell's appearance in The Toolbox Murders I was pleased - well sort of lol- that she didn't appear in any of the nude scenes. It seems that all actresses sell-out eventually, but she didn't. She's still a sweetheart. She's having trouble with the law right now because she was weilding a restraint device for elephants that she didn't know was illegal for protest purposes at a rally. This wench district attorney is trying to get the book thrown at Pamelyn using the old worn out "ignorance of the law is no excuse" line.  I'm surprised you didn't have a line about those beautiful assymetrical eyes of hers in your poem; those eyes used to hypnotize me. my gawd they're dreamy. in case you don't have one, here's a current pic of her. She has a website [Ed. Corrected] and she answers e-mail. I told her about my daughter so she doesn't think I'm a freak, just as you did in your poem. She's a nurse and married to a doctor -figures lol-. Didn't say anything about kids though. keep in touch. I'm working on a portrait of her myself but I'm having trouble capturing the fluidity and offset of her eyes. Have a good one. Maybe we should start a club as you suggested.
Here goes, I remember, doing a search for her name some time back finding her official site, contacting her through that in the area where you could do that getting a few e mails back from her, and then when it was all up and running buying ( making a donation to her very good causes) to get a personalized autographed 8x10 of her which I can see from where I am sitting here at my computer.  I remember seeing her on Star Trek, the Brady Bunch, and Lassie as well as on Space Academy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a beautiful woman, with incredible talent and right now as far as I know she is doing voice work for the animated show Detention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is my guess from reading her few e mails that she is an awesome person, very caring and whoever she is involved with in a romantic way is very lucky indeed, as our her friends, and family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For in my view she is as nice as she can be and truly cares about other people and animals and that she is not a stuck up Hollywood Celebrity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Later   Jack

>Pamelyn and her friend Pam Stedwell, playing at the studio on the Partridge Family bus after >shooting an episode of Blondie. Exclusive personal photo courtesy of Stedwell. Pamelyn says >she got her "first kiss" from friend Danny Bonaduce when they were age eight. (Another fan >points out an inconsistency in this memory: Blondie was filmed at Universal Studios, while the >Partridge Family was filmed at Columbia Studios.)

Another inconsistency may be that Partridge Family didn't start until 1970, a year after Blondie was cancelled.

Congrats on a well-designed web page. I trust Pamelyn is as impressed with it as much as her fans. A fan of Pamelyn myself, my favorite picture of her is the one in the sundress, the one you have listed as how she looked in her Lassie era. I've been looking for a larger version of that picture for a long time and was wondering if there is anywhere on the web it can be found? Sadly, it's not for sale on her personal web page, but I dimly remember seeing a much larger version somewhere. Thanks!
Thanks for your informative Pamelyn Ferdin page.  I started looking for info on her after watching the Night Gallery episode, "Brenda".  Recalling her appearance on Star Trek, I couldn't help thinking she would have done a better job than the actress who played the lead, Laurie Prange.  Besides, Laurie Prange looked more like 16 than 11 years old.  I tried to find out Prange's age, but there's a lot more info on Pamelyn than Prange. Pity that Pamelyn has never had kids.  My wife and I just had a baby daughter last year and she's a delight.
I hope you can help me.  I have been desperately trying to find a video tape of a movie that Pamelyn Ferdin was in, but have had no luck.  I am looking for "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" 1974 Made for TV movie with Cliff Robertson, Diane Baker and Pamelyn Ferdin.
I have tried Amazon and Internet Movie Database, etc., but no luck.  I was told that perhaps it was never put on video.  I can't really find much of any information on it, but I thought that maybe a Pamelyn fan might have a copy or know of where I could get a copy.  I am willing to pay for the video, of course.  I know what AMC had showed it numerous times in the past, but I have not seen it on there for about a couple of years now.  Everytime it was on before, I didn't see the whole thing or I didn't know it was on until after it was over. Do you have any suggestions?  Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. I hope to hear from you soon.  Please email me at [removed]  Thank you very much.

I sent you in a pic some time ago with my brother and I. Now someone said that I wasn't correct that it was the Partridge Family bus. Well that is what I was told at the time but I found another pic and the bus has the name "Magic bus" on the side so don't know what it was used for. Sorry for being incorrect I was just going by what I had been told when I was young. Attached is another pic I thought you might like it is a signed autograph of pam in 1968. Hope you like it......

Just saw your link to my site regarding Lisa Gerritsen and wanted to say thank you for doing so.  You mentioned the episode of the "Odd Couple" titled "Bunny is Missing Down By the Lake."  Here are some publicity pictures from that episode.  The pictures show Lisa and Pam
together during rehearsal.  Don't know if you have these or not, but thought I might pass them along if you didn't. Pam was a teriffic actress that inspired a lot of us, and I still remember her vividly.  She is one of the few young actors prevelant during the 60's and 70's that still make an impact on us today. One of the top five in my opinion.

Oh, my favorite Pam performance??  The "Night Gallery" episode "Brenda."  I know it was a small part, but that performance has
always struck me for some reason--I still watch it when it is rerun on "The Mystery Channel."  Pam really pours her heart out when Brenda kicks down her sandcastle! Good luck with the website and best wishes.

Lisa [Gerritson] has pretty much led a quiet life and is now married. I don't know if she is still working in the software business
or not.  She is still very active, gets out quite a bit and is doing great--she seems really happy and is enjoying life to the fullest.

[Ed. Someone claims she used to work for Broderbund Software in Novato CA. She left in 1998. She was a helpdesk support tech.]

Anyway, your website is pretty much what the Internet is all about.  Paying tribute to the actors that many of us remember today.  So, if anyone ever confuses Pam with Lisa (and vice versa) I'll send them your way. BTW--I saw a picture of a person named "Pam Vlasick" on the front page of a newspaper during an animal rights event.  Had to be Pam--or else she has a double.  Was it her?

I just want to say thanks for this web site.  We were watching Andy Griffith Show and I decided to see if Pamelyn Ferdin had a site and I found yours.  Thanks for all the info and bringing back some memories.  I'm 48 and remember her as a young girl and thinking about how good she was.  I wondered why we never saw her as an adult.  Now I know.  Thanks again.

Love your Pamelyn Ferdin page....but isn't Bobby's name actually RIHA----and not RHIA ? I've always wondered about that because every project I've seen of him has credited him as Riha except for The Brady Bunch. And possibly The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band (not entirely sure). Any inside info on which name is the correct one would be nice.
I remember an episode of, I think it was Baretta with Robert Blake. She played a pregnant teenager who kept running away and threatening to kill herself if they made her go home. It seems that her stepfather and his 2(?) buddies had been having fun sharing playtime with her.  As upstanding members of the community (and family men!) they had to get rid of that darn little troublemaker.  Her stepfather or one of the others tried to kill her.Of course Baretta caught them and delivered her baby in an abandoned car. You can take that to the bank. I never forgot his words "The little girl had a little girl". This is the only episode of that show I can remember. I was so outraged that more wasn't done to the perverts. There was only minor butt-kicking done and that only to the stepfather (the pimpmaster!). I still want justice for her after all this time!!!!!!!!

 I wanted to write you about Pamelyn Ferdin.  I was bored and thought I'd see if I knew of her.  Unfortunately I don't.  She seems
really nice.  I did a search to find a picture of the person that was being discussed in the forum I originally saw her name, got curious and
started my journey.  I did, on accident, find an article concerning her which may or may not be true and is vague in the description of the
circumstances so I haven't thought negative nor positive on the topic.  I'm thinking it's something silly maybe..  But Federal isn't usually
silly so my ears are open.  I'm sending you the info I found, hoping you won't pass any judgement on her lest facts come out.  I feel guilty
for even sending it on but am curious if you would know anything about this.
Thanks for the pages.. I like them.  She was a cutie and she seems passionate.

Any relation to the Foust of Amiga fame?  [Ed. Yes, that's me.] Anyway here's the Ferdin news. See the guestbook for other info (might take 24 hours to appear). Isn't Pam Ferdin a favorite of yours? Thought you might find this interesting.
I do thank you for this web site. I did always wonder what did happen to Pamelyn as I did have a crush on her and she disappeared from the acting world. There is one thing you may want to check into. Back in the early 1980s there was a TV movie made called Hometown USA about high school kids (being it was on NBC it starred the stars from its then popular series) Michael J. Fox, Nancy McKeon, Todd Bridges, Lauri Hendler and I believe Pamelyn was in this because when I had seen her it was for the first time in a while I had seen her on TV. I have not found the movie as of yet but you maybe be able to track down any info I would be grateful.
How do you justify your loathesome attack on the family of the dead child here in Glendale in 1981?  You made several specific factual allegations, all of which have been refuted.  Where  is  your justification and where is your apology? [Ed. Again, I'm not Pam.]
  I recently saw Pamelyn on an episode of Bullshit! By Penn and Teller on animal rights.  When I read on your website that she'd had become a nurse I was so happy because so many child stars grow up to be the biggest losers as adults.  That being said it's too bad she's wasting her and her husband's life on pet's rights.  Let's face it no one like to see animals abused or mistreated  but these animal rights folks are going too far.  She feels it's wrong to own or keep pets and that is extreme.  Pets provide so much to millions of people nationwide and assist rescue and law enforcement agencies; what would we do without them.  Pamelyn it's time to go back to nursing and help sick people.
Am I the only one? or did I just miss my first view of Pam on "Meet Mr. Wizard" with Don Herbert? She made an impression on my wife and me both. We always enjoyed seeing her.
I was just watching "Leave It To Beaver" and noticed a cameo appearance by an actress named "Wendy Ferdin" who looks exactly like Pam.  Although I haven't been able to confirm it, I'm betting this is her sister. Would you happen to know?  Could be a nice tidbit to add to your web page! Incidentally, P.F. and I exchanged several emails about 10 years ago, back when I was trying to re-discover the lyrics to a song she sang on TV.  This was not long before she got arrested for the whole 'bullhook' incident. Keep up the great work!
I love her too but if shes not careful the next pictures of her on this site are going to be in an orange jumpsuit!
Hi, how is life?  My name is Don, and I just wanted to say that I too wanted to find out whatever to the young girl who played in so many shows back when I was a kid.  You have a nice website.  I love your website, but I have to admit that reading everything on other sites kind of depresses me. I did some more research on Pamelyn Ferdin, and I admit that what I read kind of disturbs me.  If someone wants to be a vegetarian, that is his or her own business.  In fact, I know some people who have ideas about that.  What disturbs me is the ideology that her and her husband, Jerry Vlasik, both hold. Her and her husband were banned from England due to Dr. Vlasik's inflammatory statements about harming researchers who perform animal experiments.  Also, I know that they both run SHAC, and SHAC members have been arrested for assaulting Huntington personnel.  They have also been known to use smear tactics against restaurant workers, daycare workers, or anybody who serves Huntington Corporations.  This is another case of "the end justifies the means," and I do not even believe what these people (SHAC) believe in. As of now I am taking some science courses at Western Illinois University to get my licensure to teach science in high school.  I can tell you that my professors teach us that we do experiments on pigs and similar animals because they most resemble us.  In my opinion Dr. Vlasik has some controversial beliefs. However, I will play devil's advocate and state that he must have some credibility since he did graduate from medical school, but that does not say that he is correct about everything. Another fact is that I am in the Army National
Guard, and we have had class briefings on eco-terrorist groups such as the ALF (Animal Liberation Front) and similar groups.  These groups
are even mentioned on the FBI's website.  Also, I notice that Pamelyn has a link to SHAC on her website.  Yesterday, I tried to click on it and  found out it is shut down due to "legal reasons."  Hmmm... I wonder what is going on there. No, I am not criticizing you in any shape or form. My purpose of writing is to tell you my opinion. Also, what is your spin on what you have researched on Pamelyn Ferdin.  What is making her and her husband tick regarding all this?  No, I do not work for the feds or anything.  I am just an ordinary guy who is curious.  Well, I will let you go for now.  Take care, and God bless.  I hope to hear from you soon.


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