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Here's more comments and unconfirmed sightings from random e-mailers. Yes, if you send me something, I might place it here, minus your name and e-mail address. Jump to fan mail page one, two, three or four.

My girlfriend says that Pamelyn also played "Jenny Piccalo" on many episodes of 'Happy Days' and 'Joani Loves Chachi'. [Ed.: Someone else countered that Jenny was played by Cathy Silvers, daughter of Phil Silvers, not Pamelyn. For more info, see the second page of fan mail.]

Quite by accident I saw her on an episode of CHiPs. One of the guys saves her life, and she gets a crush on him. Didn't see the whole show, but I know it was HER.

Pamelyn Ferdin quit show business around 1981 (she did commercials after Toolbox Murders, mostly Barbie toys), became a nurse and is happily married. Her last known appearance was a 1985 Charlie Brown salute, which reunited the original people who did the voices of the first cartoons.

Ah, yes... Pamelyn Ferdin (the female equivalent of Billy Mumy)... she was EVERYWHERE during the late sixties and early seventies, but I never saw her in anything past age 16 or so... last time I saw her was on a Nickelodeon tribute to Sid and Marty Krofft, when they did a rerun of "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters". She was certainly a distinctive presence, I'll have to admit.

How weird. I thought I was the only one. I also belive she was in an episode of "Love American Style" where a bachelor had her pose as his niece, Barbie.

I too had a crush on Pamelyn Ferdin from pre-teen to early teen days. Its weird finding someone else that had the same feelings and still thinks about her. In addition to the shows you mentioned, I believe she was on a program called 'Project UFO' I forget the year but believe it was 1976 or 1978. The last thing new, that I saw her on was the CHiPs eposide, when it originally aired. I looked and looked for her for years after that. I even once thought I found her on a soap opera, but it wasn't her unless she changed her name. I also have seen a girl on TV several times in recent years that is the spitting image of her, and I wondered if it was her daughter.

I have never married, but am not a stalker either. I basically just think about her when I remember the past and past TV shows. I always wondered what had happened to her, as I thought she was the best child actress around, crush or no crush.

She was on a Green Acres episode. She was one of about ten kids that Mr. and Mrs. Douglas had to take care of when the kids parents left them at the Douglas'. I don't remember why. But the kids were getting into all kinds of trouble. She also appeared on an episode of Gunsmoke in which she robbed a bank with her brother. It was a comical episode. They took some money in envelope from their uncle's bank. Their father got blamed when they found the money hidden in his house. By the time they were able to tell their father what had happened, he was afraid that Festus and the others would think he had told the children to tell them that story. The children ran away and ran into Dillion, to whom they told their story. Everything ended well. And she was also on an episode of Baretta in which she played a pregnant runaway. It turned out that her father or step-father had let his friend molest her and that's how she got pregnant and why she had runaway. I also realized that the last thing I saw her on was 240-Robert, not CHiPs. On CHiPs, to the best of my remembrance, she played a stranded motorist. On 240-Robert, she was rescued from her father's plane that had crashed into a body of water. Unbeknownst to her, he was running a drug drop. Also, concerning the Odd Couple, she played Felix's daughter Edna, as did Lisa Gerritson (not sure of spelling). Well that just about does it. By the way, I don't think I told you, but it's a great Web Site.

I have read your Web Page and it cheered me greatly. I was pleased to note that I am not the only man who grew up with a crush on this female. It also warmed my heart to see how many times your page had been accessed. I also appreciated your delightful prose and could read a great deal of myself in those words.

I was looking up some old high school friends one night and out of frustration I put her name in and was surprised when an email address popped up. I just said hello and I admired her work on behalf of animals and I was a big fan of her work as a kid. That's about it.

I thought she was pretty incredible for a child actor. Very mature acting. Even thought she'd be around for a while as talented as she was. Whatever happened to her? Now SHE'S just one of the child stars I'd like to see them do a "Whatever Happened To?" show on. Instead, we keep getting Ernie from "My Three Sons", Kitten from "Father Knows Best", Jay North from "Dennis The Mennace" (whining about his aunt whipping him a lot. Boo hoo), the kid who played Eddie Munster and on and on. Another terrific child actor, [Lisa Gerritson] the girl who played Phyllis's daughter on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". I first noticed her on that short lived series "My World And Welcome To It" about the artist who's cartoons came to life. Again, where did she disappear off to?

One other movie in which Pamelyn Ferdin appeared (which everyone else seems to have forgotten about) was the film "Happy Birthday, Wanda June" ('71 or '72) in which Pam plays a young girl (Wanda June) who has the fortunate luck of being hit and killed by an ice cream truck. To find out why it's so fortunate, watch the movie, which was based on the Kurt Vonnegut novel of the same name. It's a black comedy starring Rod Steiger, among others. Pam's role is small but effective and we even get to hear her sing a little! Don't know if I told you, but Pam was also on an episode of "The Streets of San Francisco," playing a (very innocent, as usual) runaway (either '75 or '76).

At last! My favorite star has a web-page. Thanks! I've been waiting for someone to pay tribute to Pamelyn. I too have had a crush on her since the late 60's. I saw her on that episode of 'Sigmund & the seamonsters' last night & it reminded me to browse the web again. My girlfriend says that Pamelyn also played "Jenny Piccalo" on many episodes of HAPPY DAYS and JOANI LOVES CHACHI - but I don't know if you can verify that. I remember her on a show called "The who/what/when/where &why show" from the early 70's - but perhaps I'm thinking of "The Curiosity Shop". I also thought she played the daughter on some failed Dick Van Dyke show from the early 70's.

I don't know why I searched for her name, other than the fact that I, too, had a crush on her when she was doing the Curiosity Shoppe. Quite by accident I saw her on an episode of CHiPs. One of the guys saves her life, and she gets a crush on him. Didn't see the whole show, but I know it was HER.

Great site!!! I remember watching "The Old Curiosity Shop" every time Pam was on. I was about 12 or 13 at the time. I like your idea of an online fan club. If one starts up, please count me in. I was thinking the same thing!

I loved the Pamela Ferdin web page but you do need some pictures. I found some in an "Odd Couple" book that I found at a used book store about five years ago. I recently saw Pamela on an episode of "Vegas" on fx network which was from 1979/80. It was a one-time guest spot. Like you, I had a big crush on her when I was a kid (I'm 29). Not only did I love "The Odd Couple" as a child, but I was really a big fan of hers as well. It was only much later that I realized the voices she had done for cartoons as well.

Hiya! I'm writing to you on behalf of my brother. He asked me last week to see what information I could find about Pamelyn, someone he grew up with on TV because of her visibility, but was amazed that he hadn't seen her pop up in the resurgence of the '70s now. I sorta remember her (I'm 30), but I'd have to see the Brady Bunch episode or one of her appearances on Sigmund to be sure. Anyway, he wanted to get in touch with you to share information about Pam in hopes of finding her somewhere somehow. When I found your page, I thought your poem sounded exactly like the way my brother was talking. He has that love for her too, but not obsessiveness. For me, it was always Kim Richards (Escape to Witch Mountain and others), who also disappeared after a bad roller skating movie in the '80s.

Cool sentiment behind the Pamelyn Ferdin web page. I had such a crush on Ms. Ferdin as a kid. Pretty much from the Star Trek episode, and redoubled with the Curiosity Shop years later. ... I wonder if she would do it all again, that is, would she let her kids become child stars? Within the last year, I was seeing a commercial for some mini-van. Everytime I saw the commercial, it looked like her driving - but it was just a flash, so I can't be sure. Best of luck - I hope she find's your page one day. Let her know that her fans may be older - but they're still hers.

Did you know that she appeared on the old "Dating Game" show just after filming her season on "Lassie?" She came on the show with the dog and did a regular thing with chooseing a date from one of three young guys behind the partition. I was so jealous. Much more than that I don't remember.

I had a crush on Pamelyn also and was just wondering where she was now and what she was doing. I just typed her name in a search engine and this led me to you.

Gee, Pamelyn is quickly becoming the Mystery Woman on the Web... I onced passed the street she lived on as a child in L.A. The avenue was gated and locked...

I worry about you! Great page, though! ;-> Lemme know if Pam gets in contact with you!

Whaddaya know, I thought I was the only one with a crush over her. Good to know I'm not totally nuts.

I had a crush on Pamelyn Ferdin when she was on "The Paul Lynde Show" and used AltaVista to find out if there was any info on whatever happened to her. Hopefully, she became an adult and lived a normal life. Anyway, its nice to know that I wasn't alone. (And I am also NOT an obsessed stalker) I hope Pamelyn responds to you someday!

How weird. I thought I was the only one. I also belive she was in an episode of "Love American Style" where a bachelor had her pose as his niece, Barbie.

Yes, I too had an awful crush on Pamelyn Ferdin. She has such a distinctive look and voice you can't help but notice her. I had pretty much have forgotten about her but while looking for old friends on the internet I thought I would try her name. Since you can almost find anything on the internet I guess I was not too surprised to find that a Pamelyn Ferdin page was created.

I was just wasting quality time at work playing with the search engines, and typed in the name of this young lady I had a crush on as a teen, and found a Pamelyn Ferdin webpage exists!!! I thought I was the only one who even knew her name!!! I'm glad to see I wasn't alone. I had often wondered what happened to her. I remember, in the 70's, if you turned the TV on, she would show up sooner or later, almost as if she were the John Saxon of the teen set. The last time I saw her was in an episode of "Alice" in the early 80's. Good luck gathering more photos!!! And thanks for the memories!

And I thoght I was the only one who missed PF. Saw "Stripes" today & P J Soles looks so much like her. Thanks for the page, I couldn't even get her last name right. My first crush (big time!) too, as we are both circa 1959. Keep up the good work.

I enjoyed reading your web page. I, too, am in my thirties and I never forgot Pamelyn Ferdin.

Nice... Pretty soon all my obscure crushes (yes I had one on Helen Hunt oh so long ago) will be mainstream. Next thing you'll tell me is what Laurie Prange has been up to lately. Heh...

Fantastic page!! The two women who led me from girl hating kid to appreciation of true womanhood, were Pam, and Kim Darby. Thanks for the word she's going well, and has a nice life. Also glad to see that much of what I do is along the lines of her volunteer work. As I put the finishing touches on my web page, you'll have a link sending folks here.

OH....MY......GOD! I can't believe it. A web page! I had such a crush on Pam when I was a kid.(along with Joy from The Buggaloos - Caroline Ellis, Mary Ann - Dawn Wells, Jeannie - Barbara Eden, Valerie - from Land of the Giants, and Daphne from Scooby Doo, And Penelope Pitstop as well!) I wonder if there are any pages for these ladies? Every once in a while I see Pam on a rerun, and it brings back memories!, In fact it was just the othernight I saw her on the Odd Couple on Nick at Nite, and she was fresh on my mind when I went Net surfing today, and found this page. anyway, Cool. She visited the site. Hope she didnt get spooked by all the admirers. Some of us need to get out more,or have way too much Trivial stuff in our brains, but I think most of us are harmless :) Thanks for all the work in putting out a page.

You took the word right out of my mouth. I loved curiosity shop for the same reason as you when I was a kid. I never wanted to miss a chance to see Pamelyn. I saw her in person filming the scene in lassie where she got her hearing back. My sister got her autograph on a picture. I'll see if she still has it and send you a scan of it if she does.

Here's another one. I didn't realize the impact Ms. F. was having on my young life, as a fervent viewer of the "Curiosity Shop" show, until the night I dreamed we were secret agents in a Movie Of The Week. The only fragment of the dream I can recall, at this remove, is the scene where Pam screamed as the bad guys tried to nail me with a Buick in front of the K-Mart ... I've always wondered what became of her.

I really enjoyed finding your web page. I too was a devoted fan of Ms. Ferdin's work throughout the 1970' fact somewhere I have a "Curiosity Shop" Viewmaster 3-reel set.....PAM IN 3D!!!! My interest in Pamelyn began by accident because I was a Peanuts collector as a child (books, toys, models, strips cut from the newspaper) and I discovered she did the voice of Lucy in one (or more?) of the cartoons. I've always loved her voice. Somewhere I have an old magazine that listed bios of TV stars and Pamelyn was pictured playing a guitar. She was even given a quarter of a page, bigger than Raymond Burr! So, anyways, count me in among the ranks of 30-somethings who watched faithfully for Pamelyn appearances. I hope you will be able to expand the page with more recent photos (is she a mom in real life yet?) and keep up the good work.....hopefully we can prove that sane and rational people can be respectful fans of an actress who brightened our early lives!

This is the most pleasant surprise I have come across on the web! I did a search to see what articles might be available on Pamelyn Ferdin to see what she has been up to lately, and found your great web page. I had a crush on Pamelyn as a kid (I'm now 38), and I am certain many other guys did too. She was a fine actress and the prettiest girl on TV.

I have read the reader's comments and remember several of the shows Pamelyn has appeared in. The Star Trek episode "And The Children Shall Lead" is one of my favorites. I also remember the CHiP's episode where she played a young
woman who was involved in an accident.

One of my earliest memories of Pamelyn is of her Barbie commercials. Normally I didn't pay much attention to commercials targeted at girls, but I remember what it was that first made me notice her. It was her voice. Her voice was so beautiful and unique, I knew I would recognize it from then on. No wonder she was chosen to do voice characterizations for the Peanuts specials.

I will visit this web site again to see the updated photo gallery and hopefully, Pamelyn's own contributions! I'll bet you made her feel great that she was remembered, and I am happy that so many others besides myself remember her.

I know that everyone keeps saying this, but it's cool that so many people are still interested in Pamelyn. I often wonder about her when something reminds me of my favorite childhood stars. Hers was a voice and demeanor that was truly unique... a great, mature talent from such a pretty, little girl. I'm a 29 year-old, recovering Sigmund & the Seamonsters fan from childhood and would love to see a recent photo of Pamelyn posted on this site. I hope she's very happy and doing well. What a treat it must be for her to see how many of us still think of her fondly and with good wishes!

A few days ago I entered a few memories in this space.Today I am entering more comments.I don't know why Pam is confused with Lisa G. or Kathy S. because PAMELYN FERDIN IS UNIQUE! Her finest performance was in the 1974 TV movie A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN. She was excellent in Lassie. Even though she made many guest-shots which were cameos in her early career,she was remebered. "There are no small parts,only small actors." She is to be commended for escaping the traumas of other child-stars.(Read:Different Strokes.)

I could not believe it when I came across this site. I was just passing time, clicking up names of actors and actresses I've liked in the past when I thought I'd try Pamelyn. I've been wondering for years what has happened to her and what she was up to. I'm a year older than her, but I remember seeing her on so many shows when I was a kid. She's the only one that stands out in my mind that was so popular in the 60's and 70's as a child actress. I always thought she was very good at what she did, so much intensity and depth for a child her age. It's a shame she didn't stick with acting. I envied her when she was on the Paul Lynde show (he was another I absolutely adored) and I sometimes wished Pamelyn and I were friends in real life. Now, seeing how she is an animal rights activist, I KNOW we could be friends, plus, I love the theatre and have performed in many plays and musicals. Thanks so much for this web site, and Pamelyn, where ever you are, I hope to meet you someday!

In the seventies, Pamelyn Ferdin was quite the ubiquitous TV-teen. It seemed that whenever you switched channels, there she was, displaying a maturity beyond her years that her comtemporaries failed to acheive. I'll never forget the distinctive voice, the voice my brothers, sister, cousins, and I imitated throughout childhood. We're all grown up now and I thought I was the only person who remembered her until I stumbled upon your most excellent fan page. I was beginning to think The Curiosity Shop was a dream I had as a kid until you mentioned it, and now I distinctly remember Pamelyn playing the guitar and singing in one episode. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face and a chuckle to my heart...By the way, do you have any information on ZOOM? ...

Pam Ferdin was on an episode of Shazam! in 1974. The series was about Captain Marvel, alias Billy Batson, and his Mentor. Anyway, Pam was a country girl whose horse's life was in danger. When I realized through this wonderful webspace that today she is an animal rights activist, I recalled her animal-stories like the Shazam! show and even Charloete's Web. When she was on Lassie in 1973 my brother and I saw the show where she regained her hearing.

You have been busy! I am amazed. I am very glad that your web page has been such a success. I think that I was one of the first people to find it and I thought I was special. Now I am not so sure. I can't believe the fan turn out. I am also glad that you could use some of the info I provided. The quotes section is also neat. I see that I am included there also. Hey, did you know that Pam did a series of Hi-C drink commercials around 1974? Just something new for "the list." I couldn't begin to list the number of shows that she did appearances in as "the little girl." Just the other night it was BEWITCHED on Nick-at-Nite. There was also a second Saturday morning cartoon series she did a voice for. I believe the title was THOSE WERE THE DAYS, but I am not too sure. I do like the new pictures (nothing from Curiosty Shop?) Keep up the good work.

I've always wondered what Pamelyn looked like now. She's still gorgeous but I was a bit surprised. Her appearance from childhood to young adulthood had not changed much, but looking at the picture my impression is that if I met her on the street I would never have recognized her! I think it's the hair style because that always throws me off. I've had cases where women with whom I work change their hair style drastically and I don't even recognize them until they speak. Perhaps Pam's voice and mannerisms would have given her away. Oh yes, I also found out why Curiosity Shop was canceled. It was billed as an answer to the common complaint of Saturday morning programing of little educational value. This as well as another educational program on another network failed. Same old story, low ratings. I guess you were not a "Nielsen Family". :)

I know that everyone keeps saying this, but it's cool that so many people are still interested in Pamelyn. I often wonder about her when something reminds me of my favorite childhood stars. Hers was a voice and demeanor that was truly unique...a great, mature talent from such a prett, little girl. I'm a 29 year-old, recovering Sigmund & the Seamonsters fan from childhood and would love to see a recent photo of Pamelyn posted on this site. I hope she's very happy and doing well. What a treat it must be for her to see how many of us still think of her fondly and with good wishes!

Wow! What a blast to find this page. I had always been a fan of Pamelyn's and happened to be seaching Metacrawler for Lisa Gerritson andfound this site. A great job; thanks. I remember Pamelyn in many roles. She is just a few months older than me; I always wondered what happened to her. I was really looking for a site that might provide information about other stars who were once popular, but aren't so much in the public eye anymore. If you know of any, I'd love to know. Again, thanks for a "blast from the past"!

Wow, I can't believe this page exists. I was a real 60's TV brat and just today was watching Charlotte's Web with my kindergartener and wondered whatever became of Pamelyn. Didn't expect to find anything here but what a nice surprise! I seem to remember an early sitcom that Pamelyn did that I couldn't find in the credits. It was about a girls boarding school and John Forsyth was the headmaster. It would have been in the early 60's. I only scanned the list briefly so forgive me if it is there. This web page made my day. Thanks for the lift.

This will be a short, sloppy email, since I'm both tired and a touch overwhelmed. My wife (wonderous woman that she is), decided to go hunting for treasure today. She has heard me speak of Pamelyn Ferdin many times as someone I remembered clearly from childhood. Your page was the result of her treasure hunt.

Like most of your male respondents, I had a crush on Ms. Ferdin. Mine was from when she was on Lassie. I do remember later work she did, including the short-lived Curiosity Shop, the Paul Lynde Show, and (in a sudden ah ha! reading your page) Space Academy. Her Star Trek appearance was one I didn't recognize until I was much older (because she was so much younger, you see). Similarly to other comments I've read here, Ms. Ferdin was a teen crush for me. But the characters she played also influenced my ideas of the type of lady I thought I wanted to be with (marry, whatever).

Goodness knows that the "types" actors play are not always who they are, but I believed the type she played existed in real life. I am happy to say I was proven right. After many long years of searching, I'm married to a wonderful woman, someone who is good-natured, intelligent and loving. What real influence my memories of Ms. Ferdin had on my future life are difficult to say, but the fact that I do remember should count for a lot.

There is one event from my childhood that I'll write about here, an old memory. It is one I'd like to share with Ms. Ferdin in writing at some point, so if you know of some non-intrusive way to do this I'd be grateful. If not, then perhaps you'd pass this along to her. As I've said, I had a crush on her. In my case, I went so far as to write a fan letter to her care of the Lassie show (I vaguely recall some of what I wrote, but won't embarrass myself by sharing that). I think one of the most dissapointing days of my youth was when I received mail from the Lassie show. It was not a letter from Pamelyn, or an autographed picture of her. Rather, it was simply an autographed picture of Lassie.

I'm a memory pack rat. I've kept many things from childhood (early writing, some toys, letters, etc.). Whether it's just my nature I don't know, but I think there was something else that made me keep that Lassie picture. I think it was because it was the closest I could get. I still have that picture, and it may have some money value. But I think I might trade it, after all, for that autographed picture of Pamelyn Ferdin. Thank-you for your page. It has reminded me of many good things.

Man, does this site take me back! Like most of your respondents, my crush on Pamelyn began with The Curiosity Shop. I also remember her Night Gallery episode very well, as well as many of the other TV shows and movies you note. I've also always been very good at identifying voices, and it used to drive my family crazy when I'd watch a Charlie Brown special or hear a commercial voice-over and yell out, "That's Pamelyn Ferdin!" I even liked the way she spelled her first name. I'm impressed that she became a nurse and became involved with animal rights. She seems like a natural for a "Whatever became of" show; much better adjusted than most child actors you hear about. Keep up the good work!

I just found your web page today and think it's great. I'm a 29-year-old female fan of Pamelyn's. I remember her from Lassie, The Odd Couple and The Brady Bunch. The funny thing is, I always liked her as a kid, but never knew her name. I thought she had such a distinctive voice, and was really touched by her performance on Lassie. I decided to try today and find out this actress's name since I never knew (or couldn't remember). After searching the IMDb under The Brady Bunch and trying several names from the "Noteable Guest Appearances" list, I came up with her name. I had no idea so many other people were fans! I also didn't know she was the subject of so many teenage boys' crushes back in the '60's and '70's. I just thought she was a really good actress, and loved her voice. Now that I've read over what all she was in, I remember some that I had forgotten, and remember her in those Barbie commercials now. She certainly was a prolific actress back then, and like so many others have said, she was just popping up all over the place! I can certainly see why others have her confused with Lisa Gerritsen and Cathy Silvers too. I made the same mistake. I wondered if it was Pamelyn that played Jenny Piccalo on Happy Days, and I thought that episode of The Odd Couple where Lisa G. plays Bunny was Pamelyn, but now I'm glad I have found out that it wasn't her in those roles. I didn't even know that there were these two other actresses who resemble her so much. Thanks for your web page. I've learned a lot today by reading it, and it brings back such childhood memories. I'm hoping you'll print this on your fan e-mail message page, since all or most of the others were from guys. I just wanted to mention too that it is nice that you have pictures of Pamelyn on your page, because for people like me that wasn't sure of her name, it helped me identify her as the actress I was looking for. I also thinks it's great that Pamelyn has seen your web page devoted to her, and that she's sending you things for it from time to time. I wonder if she ever considers going back into acting at all? I'd love to see her in something current, and now I know so would a bunch of other people. If you talk to her via e-mail, or interview her sometime, I hope you will ask her about returning to acting. It's such a shame she's not using her talent she was born with, since she's so good at it. I wonder if she would consider contacting a talk show and volunteering to make an appearance with other little known child stars. I think that would be great! If this ever happens, and she lets you know about it, please put it on your web page so we can be sure and watch it!

Here in Ohio,there is a population explosion among the deer.There are too many deer and not enough wolves and other predators.In many places,there are 20 deer per square mile.I feel that what they are planning to do is unfair. They are going to shoot deer-does,mainly-to thin the population.I feel more animal rights activists should be aware of this.I recently saw a rerun of Charlotte's Web and remembered that the girl who voiced Fern is now an animal rights activist.(Pamelyn must have really believed the things she said in Charlotte's Web when she told her father to spare Wilbur.)She and the group she is involved with should be notified. Shooting 10 deer a day until the problem is solved? That sounds callous. In the 60s,the late Pat Paulsen gave the solution to poverty;"Shoot 400 beggars a day."The humor came from realization of how terrible this is, but I feel the deer slaying is just as terrible. A more humane solution would be to deport the deer to other wild areas of which there are many in the Midwest.But the people don't want to that. It would make too much sense.It would take too much time and money. Animals feel pain,and we must realize this.We are merely advanced animals.In the 2nd-last chapter of Bambi,he is shown a dead hunter by the Great Prince,who tells Bambi,"He isn't really above us.He can be killed just like we can."Too bad Disney took this out of the movie. Of course,I thought of Bambi when I heard this deer dilemma in Ohio.I hope someone notifies an organization which can do something constructive. Pamelyn Ferdin is to be commended.

As in, thanks for posting my email to you. While my memories are just a few among dozens, hopefully Pam will appreciate them. My wife and I made a big search to find The Toolbox Murders and found it in a video store. After the first fifteen minutes (or less) all I could think was, "Oh, Pam, I'm so sorry you were in this." I'll be looking for The Beguiled next. Would like to show my wife something better. (Though, ironically, she was visiting her parents and just happened to see that Streets of San Francisco episode.) Hope all is well with you. When I get our web page back on line, I hope you'll let me put a link to your page there.

I was amazed when I first saw this website.I'm thrilled that so many others remember the girl who is the connecting link between Clint Eastwood and Charlie Brown.(You know what I mean.) When I was in High School,I heard there was a girl on Curiosity Shop who'd spent her life in comercials.I saw Curiosity Shop a few times afterwards,and noticed a quirk in the particular girl's voice.She vaguely reminded me(in how she sounded)of a girl I knew in kindergarten. I recognized her by voice in the cartoon Roman Holidays.(Her chracter was named Precocia.)Then I leanred she was in many other shows.Boy,was I glad to see a full list of her credits on your website. Interesting paralells in what she was and what she is; WAS:A prolific child actress IS:A wife,but not a mother WAS:A guest on Marcus Welby IS:A registered nurse,married to a surgeon WAS:A voice in Charlotte's Web IS:An animal rights activist From the interview,I saw she had a pushy stage mother.This might be one of the main reasons she was on so much.She was forced into acting by a mother who couldn't make it herself.She speaks from experience when she says that too often,animals and children are forced to perform. She is to be commended for getting out of the soon as she was old enough.I hope she's flattered that she left so many lasting impressions on viewers-including you,me and all the others who've seen your website.

Is the internet great or what? I have occasionally wondered what ever became of Pamelyn and decided to see if the Web had any info and bingo! Like Pamelyn, I was born in 1959 so I "grew up with her" and saw her as a peer of sorts. I viewed most kid actors as complete geeks (the entire Brady Bunch cast for example), but always had a soft spot for Pam. Somewhere in the pre-teens, I had an enormous crush on her and wondered how I could get to California (from FL) and win her heart. Girls closer to home soon cured that and I watched less TV as I got older. Her absence from TV over the years had me afraid her life had been cut short so I was glad to learn that she's alive and well and apparently unspoiled by the hazards of show business at a young age. She has certainly grown to be a beautiful woman and I wouldn't mind meeting her someday, but I'm just as content to recognize her voice when I watch Charlotte's Web with my daughter. Thank you for putting together an excellant page, and thank you Pam for being a small parbut memorable part of my childhood and adolescence.

You are very adorable back then since I've seen you since you made guest appearances on "The Odd Couple" as Edna. I say you're the best Edna Unger! Also your performance on "Mannix" as Dana.

Hi! I ran across your web-page while doing a PF search. I am trying to complete a list of links to info on various Brady Bunch guest-stars... and PF is, of course, Lucy Winters! Love that episode. Anyway, I wanted to let you know I'm linking to your page (I'll send the URL when I get it done). I also wanted to ask if you know if Pamelyn has decided to offer the autographed photo through the mail? I would LOVE to write her a quick letter and ask for/pay for an autograph. Any info is VERY appreciated!

HAHAHAHAHA! I have to laugh knowing there is a Pamelyn Ferdin web page. I didn't know anyone else thought about here at all anymore. I am 30 and I saw her on a number of TV shows and stuff when I was a kid. I never knew her name, but I thought she was really cute and had a pretty voice. One day about a year ago, I was watching a Charlie Brown movie (I still have some kid left in me) and as soon as I heard Lucy Van Pelt's voice, I knew it belonged to that really cute girl that was on all the shows I watched as a kid. I hadn't intended to watch the entire movie, but I did just to see the credits to find out her name. A week later I saw her on a Streets of San Francisco episode. Ever since I got connected to the web last fall, I meant to do a search on her to see if she was still acting. Unfortunately I couldn't remember her name. I search the Internet Movie Database, found out her name, and happened upon this sight. I guess I sorta had a crush on her and I am amazed that a lot of other people had the same thoughts about her. I think it's funny that I'm even writing this letter because I'm not a real starstruck kinda guy and I have never written fan letters or anything. I am just amused and relieved that I'm not the only person who remembers her. I guess it's just a post-baby boomer nostalgia trip. Anyhow, thanks for the site and the memories.

Hi, there! You know, I've found that there is something on the internet about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, if one merely goes looking! I am almost the same age as Pam (37) and, like many others, remember seeing her virtually *everywhere* in the seventies. I don't know if it was a 'crush' I had, but I certainly felt as if I were growing up with her! More like a sister, I guess. interesting side note: I ended up marrying an R. N., who is also active in animal rights matters! Pam, maybe it was meant to be you and me, after all......?! <grin>

I watched Toolbox Murders tonight. Found it at my local video store. Sure enough, I recognized the girl who turned out to be Pamelyn Ferdin. Didn't realize it was Pamelyn Ferdin. Just recognized her. Movie was disgusting and erotic. I loved it. Did a web search for Toolbox Murders and found your page. Great page!! It downloaded onto my screen quickly and was really fascinating. Before tonight, I wouldn't have recognized the name Pamelyn Ferdin, but as I read her credits I remembered her from many of the shows, including the Brady Bunch episodes and of course on the Odd Couple. I thought the various links and photos you've added was a great touch too. Really a great fan web page. Just wanted to let you know. One last thing, it's amazing how little Pamelyn's changed from the current publicity shot compared to the Lassie shot. What a beautiful lady she became.

Thank you very much for your great page. I have been in love with Pamelyn since the days of Curiosity Shop, and still have fond memories when I hear my kids watching Charlotte's Web. I will keep re-visiting your page to watch for any new news! Keep up the good work.

There were people who recall when Pamelyn Ferdin sang, "I Believe in Music," while playing the guitar on a Curiosity Shop show.Does anyone recall when she sang a song on Lassie?She played the guitar then also.She was in Lassie for the final original season.I'll never forgot when my brother and I saw the show where she regained her hearing-mainly because my brother,only ten but wise in his way,correctly predicted that the first thing she would hear would be the dog barking.Pamelyn Ferdin's time on Lassie very probably led her to say in her later years that animals and children are forced to perform in front of cameras.Her quotation that she would like to voice-over work again if it would inspire regard for animals led me to think; "Er-Pam,remember Charlotte's Web?"

hello, out of curiosity and amusement we checked out this page. i am very close friends with pamelyn, and found this very interesting. her life is devoted to animal rights, she is closely knit with adl-conneticut and is a field rep for ida. it would be great to see you talk more about her connections with animal rights. that would be showing a true part of one of the greatest people i know. thanks.

You are kidding!!!!!!!I thought I was the only one who remembered Pamelyn. This is so crazy because she was like my age and I sort of identified with her. Thanks, so much for bringing her onto the web.

Talk about your retro! I'm not a guy, but Pam you were my idol/role model and boy was I jealous of you for being with my other all-time fav. actor: Brian Tochi who was also on Space Academy. I was a faithful watcher and would love to hear from other S.A. fans! Not only little boys were affected by your acting. HOW did you cry like that? That is one of the acting abilities that caught my interest. Seemed like anywere at anytime you could turn tears! I'm impressed. Have enjoyed this Web Page and will continue to monitor this. The pictures really help us remember. Did you ever get a star on the walk of fame? I'd love to see one with your name on it. Any more Space Academy pics would be like heaven.

While looking for references to the Littlest Hobo TV program (and Chuck Eisenmann, the dog's owner and trainer), I found your page on Pamelyn. I am extremely curious as I remember her very clearly from her Star Trek appearance, (she made quite an impression). Also, there is an actress on the Soap that I watch consistently, The Young and the Restless, who is either a clone, a sister, or??? of Pamelyn. Is this Her or does she have any connection with the actress who plays "Paul Williams's" secretary?

I first saw Pamelyn Ferdin when I was a young boy watching the Lassie Television series and I was in love...Her voice and pigtails and everything about her was a gift. Everytime I hear Greensleeves I think of Pamelyn Ferdin and wondered where she was and what she was doing. I'm very glad for her success and who knows, maybe one day she will go back and do a Lassie movie or reopen the curiosity shop or maybe do another saturday morning series like Space Academy... I don't care what anyone says, Pamelyn Ferdin is much better looking than Helen Hunt. I'm glad to have found this website :)

[From a newsgroup thread] I got the discussion started with a general plea to identify this child actress who seemed to be everywhere during the 60's and 70's but never achieved much name recognition. We figured out who it was by taking the intersection of the casts of "The Beguiled" and "And the Children Shall Lead" from Star Trek. She seemed to be very talented. She certainly had charisma. Do you get the sense that she's bitter towards the business and her mother? I wonder if she would be interested in dabbling in acting again at mid-life? It's interesting that Jodie Foster says she had not planned on making acting a "career" in her adulthood, that it would not be enough for her. But she discovered that it was because she had not been putting enough into it. Ferdin seems like such a practical, down-to-earth person. I was relieved to learn that she had not come to some horrible end. Though, I have to admit, it's somewhat disappointing to learn she never really cared that much for acting.

Should I refer to myself as a Ferdophile, a Ferdinite, or a Pamelyninist?

Like this talented actress, I was born on 2/4/59. And like Ms. Ferdin I am an R.N. My memory is of the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I think Pamelyn Ferdin did the voice of Lucy. Chris Shea (Posiedon Adventure) was the voice of Linus I think. I am glad Ms. Ferdin is doing well. Some of the other guys in our gradeschool had crushes on her and Maureen McCormack. Thanks!

Great page! In the early eighties I'd read that Pamelyn had bailed out of showbiz to become a nurse; a wise decision considering how America treats its ex-child stars, even those as talented as her. Glad to hear what a happy, well-balanced person she has become. A lad couldn't help but have a crush on her ; I knew I wasn't the only one- Pamelyn was (is) pretty, but not TOO pretty, and her style was realistic, believable, and accessible, like that real cute girl down the street from where all twelve-year old guys live! I hope she stays in nursing and animal rights, keeping Hollywood as a more or less pleasant memory. Voice-overs would be a legit exception; her pitch and tone are unforgettable. Thanks for the interview, the vast info, and the viewer comments.

I distinctly remember a commercial that ran during the Oscar awards in spring of '65 or '66, with June Lockhart advertising *something* (Kodak film?) out by a pool where several children--including "Pammy" (as June called her)--were swimming. Am I hallucinating or did this really happen?

Was glad to see your web page! Had wondered for many years what ever had happened to her, and was half afraid to look fearing that she was one of those people who had somehow killed themselves or been killed in the general Hollywood craziness.
As for my memories - well lets say that she did an interview back when I was in 6th grade (must have been around 73?) that I cut out of the magazine so I could always have it near me. When Charlotte's Web came out I not only saw it theatrically, but got the album as quickly thereafter as I could. Of course, I've mellowed with age, but when I saw the episode of The Odd Couple where she had the birthday party, I jsut had to see if there was a web page out there. If she ever does decide to do autographed photos, I'd love to know about it. Though explaining it to my kids already is taking a bit of doing since they tend to forget that I was ever close to their ages (6, 4, 2.5). For that matter, any chance of recording a quick .wav file of her saying hello? I'd be curious to see what her voice sounds like these days. My best wishes to you and Pam, and thanks for a brief jaunt down memory lane!

I just clicked on Pam's page, and I think it's great - I wish all webpages were as easy to use and clear to see - it's a simple design with great info easily obtained -

Geez, EVERYONE has a web page. I will definitely go to this one -- I had a bit of a crush on her back around 1970 or so. (yeah, I got over it)

I remember her best from her appearances as Felix Unger's daughter on the Odd Couple (another actress assumed the role in later episodes). And I also remember [her] falling in love with a big tree or shrub that eventually ate her (or something like that) on a Night Gallery episode. She might also have been on the short-lived Paul Lynde show. Ferdin was stagey and kind of shrill and I loved her.

God, yes. I remember at the end she refused to go back home with her family and stayed in the forest embracing the tree murmurring "I love you!" Strange, but effective.

Yes, she is here in Syracuse!! Swear to God...She was at one of those Anti Fur Protests.... There's a little gyp joint on the main drag that sells used, old fur know the majority of fur haters are freshmans sopho you know like that ...But SHE was up on the TV screen justifying the arrest of one of the younger protesters...

>Wasn't she the voice of Lucy on those "Peanuts" TV specials? well as Felix Unger's nasal daughter, Edna, and the party-throwing girl that laughed at Jan Brady's wig, and later apologized.

Thanks for the info on Pam. I'm about 18 months older than Pam, so as a child many of my TV memories involved Pam. It was always one of my favorite actresses. There must have something to this pretty blonde that became a nurse, because I married a pretty blonde nurse myself. I wish her the very best in all that she does and wish we could see her act once more. Thank you again for your page dedicated to her - she must feel very good about a page done so very tasteful on her bio

Wasn't Pam in just about every tv western (Bonanza, High Chapparal, etc.) during the 60s & 70s? Does anyone have a collection of westerns she was in? I just caught her on "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" (it is one of my favorites). Does she have any guest appearances on tv coming up anywhere?

Hi, I have been trying like forever to find this movie, with Ray Milland and Pamelyn Ferdin. It's been over 20+ years, since I' ve seen it, and would love to see it again. All that I remember about it, is that she plays Ray Milland's deceased daughter. He has these seances, and he believes that he's been contacting her spirit from beyond the grave. But, I believe somebody was playing tricks with him, and staged the seances. That's all that I remember.

Pamela's last known appearance was not a Lassie reunion in 1985, but a reunion of the original cartoon voices of the Peanuts characters in 1985. I had the TV on in the background while cleaning out a closet at my house. I heard Pam talking with the guy who played Charlie Brown and by the time I got to the TV, she was off the screen. I have looked for this special, which I think aired in September or October 1985, but never found it. I remember the time because I had a pile of Rick Nelson records I was going through in the closet and he hadn't been killed yet, but died a few months later. I have 8 episodes of the Paul Lynde Show and will be getting what my friend says is the unaired pilot called Howie (don't know if Pam is in it but at appears to have Will Hutchins of Blondie playing Howie instead of the guy on the regular series). I also have several commercials of hers from the 1960s (or at least I think it's her). I also have a John Forstythe Show, but I think she''s just in it a second. The Woody Woodberry Shows no longer exist. While researching the appearance of the late actor Peter Deuel on the show in 1968, Ralph Edwards informed me that the entire series masters and copies sent to stations were erased and reused. They had even forgot about the series and did a massive search to see if anything (even a kinescope) existed and nothing was found. Woodbury himself was contacted and had no copies of any episodes, so those are lost forever. CHIPs did not first appear on TV until 1977 not 1975 (I was at the Wisconsin State Fair that year and they were giving away a bunch of NBC Promo items and everyone (except me because they ran out) had CHIPs plastic tote bags. I have seen the episode with Pam on it but flipped the channel as it was half over and I hate CHIPs. Sigmund And The Sea Monsters was on the air in either 1973 or 1974 (not 1976) and just lasted the one season. Pam's episode just played on TV Land so it may have the copyright on the end. I do have a few episodes of Space Academy I got a few years ago that I have never taken the time to watch. They were recorded off the air in the 70s and look surprising good. I sent her a fan letter in 1988 when I started collecting autographs (and before I had this stuf transferred onto video or in trade) and she was kind enough to send back a photo and a note signed. I was going to send her some of the stuff on video, but heard she had moved and never found a new address. I believe, after seeing pictures of Pam in 1964, that I may have her first commercial from 1964 for an electric toothbrush. Hope this helps and let me know if you are interested in copies or if Pam would be.

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