Summary of Pamelyn's Acting Credits

All info assembled from various sources on the net, contributions from visitors, and from credits from Pamelyn. There's a pretty good filmography for her on the Internet Movie Database, and that's where most of these summaries point. It looks like they've cribbed a lot of information from this page, too! If you remember Pamelyn from some other appearance, send it to me in e-mail.


Pamelyn in 1964.

What a Way To Go (Movie 1964) Had a one line-cameo at end "What do you think I am, a baby?" (Summary)

The Littlest Hobo (TV 1964) "The Babysitter" (Summary)
Breaking Point (TV 1964) "The Summer House"

Bewitched (TV 1965) "Eat at Mario's"
Never Too Late (Movie 1965) (Summary)
Andy Griffith Show (TV 1965) "Girl Shy" and "Bazaar" (as Corlis? (Source)
Jonathan Winters Show (TV 1965) (Summary)
Baby Makes Three (aka Baby Crazy) (TV pilot 1965)
The John Forsythe Show (TV 1965-66) As "Pamela" (Summary)

The Reluctant Astronaut (Movie 1966) Don Knotts movie, short cameo. (Summary)
Valley of Mystery (TV, Movie 1966) Uncredited cameo.
Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre (TV 1966) "City of LA" and "Free of Charge"
Andy Williams Show (TV 1966)
Bing Crosby Show (TV 1966) "Manpower"
Branded (TV 1966) "A Proud Town"
Road West (TV 1966)
Danny Kaye Show (TV 1966)
Jesse James (TV 1966) "A Burying for Rosie"
My Three Sons (TV 1966) "Fly Away Home"

 Image courtesy Rick Saphire Productions.

Stranded (TV pilot 1966)
Death Valley Days (TV 19??) appearance
Mad Mad Scientist (aka Guess What I Did Today) (TV pilot 1966)

Family Affair (TV 1967) (Michele Tirone's fantastic web page and episode guide) (IMDB Summary)

Pamelyn in "The Joiners" episode

Images courtesy of Michele Tirone, as captured from French television.

Daniel Boone (TV 1967) "Requiem for Craw Greene"
Custer (TV 1967) "To The Death"

The Monkees (TV April 17, 1967, episode 31, first season) "Monkees in the Movies" When the starring role in a 'beach party' movie goes to Davy, the others have to bring him down to earth. Features "Last Train To Clarksville" and Bobby Sherman.

The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band (Movie 1968) (Summary) Laura Bower.

An exclusive image and message from fellow child star Vernon "Mark" McDougal. "I was in the 1968 Walt Disney production of The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band with Pamelyn. I have a studio picture of us together with Walter Brennan, Butch Patrick, Bobby Rhia and Andrea Sacino in the 'Schoolhouse Scene'."
 From the right, Walter Brennan, unknown, Vernon McDougal, Pamelyn Ferdin. Butch Patrick, aka Eddie Munster, stands at right. To his right is Teresa Candy Warder.

Second Hundred Years (TV 1968) "Luke's First Christmas" (Summary)

The Flying Nun (TV 1968) "The Reconversion of Sister Shapiro"
Pamelyn in "The Flying Nun"

Gunsmoke (TV 1968) "The Money Store"
Image courtesy Rick Saphire Productions.

Green Acres (TV 1968) "Instant Family"
Star Trek (TV 'And the Children Shall Lead,' season three, episode four, aired October 11, 1968) "Mary Janowski" (Summary)(Deutsch)

Gene Kelly Special (TV 1968)
Jerry Lewis at the Greek Theatre (TV 1968) Dancing, singing.
The Woody Woodbury Show (TV talk show 1968) Dancing, three appearances.

Blondie (TV 1968-69) "Cookie" (Summary)

Pamelyn and her friend Pam Stedwell, playing at the studio on the Partridge Family bus after shooting an episode of Blondie. Exclusive personal photo courtesy of Stedwell. Pamelyn says she got her "first kiss" from friend Danny Bonaduce when they were age eight. (Another fan points out an inconsistency in this memory: Blondie was filmed at Universal Studios, while the Partridge Family was filmed at Columbia Studios.)
Publicity shot for "Blondie" courtesy Rick Saphire Productions.

A Boy Named Charlie Brown (Voice) (TV 1969) "Lucy Van Pelt" (Summary)

It Was A Short Summer, Charlie Brown (Voice) (TV 1969) "Lucy Van Pelt"

  Images associated with her voice work for Lucy Van Pelt. Other girls did the voice of Lucy, too, so that's not Pamelyn's voice in every Charlie Brown television special.

High Chapparal (TV 1969) "No Bugles, No Drums" and "For the Love of Carlos"
Daughter of the Mind (TV 1969) (Summary)

Curiosity Shop (TV 1970) (Summary)

The Flying Nun (TV 1970) "Cousins By the Dozens"
Steve Allen's Hollywood Bowl (TV 1970)
Mannix (TV 1970) "Fly Little One"

Image from "Mannix" courtesy Rick Saphire Productions.

Play It Again, Charlie Brown (Voice) (TV 1970) "Lucy Van Pelt"
The Christine Jorgensen Story (Movie 1970) (Summary)
[Disney] Wonderful World of Color "Smoke" (Movie 1970) "Susie" (Summary)

From the TV Feature Film Source Book: "Drama of a stray German shepard dog who helps a young boy adjust to life with his new stepfather. Also starred Ron Howard, Earl Holiman, Jacqueline Scott, Andy Devine."

Image from "Smoke". Many more screen-grabs available from Dreamweaver's Child Starlets

The Forgotten Man (TV movie with Dennis Weaver) about 1970 (Summary)
What's the Matter with Helen (TV Movie 1970) (Summary)

The Psychiatrist (TV 1971) "The Private World of Martin Dalton". Directed by Steven Spielberg. (Summary)
Dr. Seuss: The Cat in the Hat (TV 1971) (Voice) "Sally".
Play It Again, Charlie Brown (Voice) (TV 1971) "Lucy Van Pelt"

The Odd Couple (TV 1971-73)
Pamelyn appeared in the first season "Bunny Is Missing Down By The Lake", episode 18. Later she had a recurring role as Edna, Felix Unger's daughter. (Summary)

From episode 37, "Surprise! Surprise!" aka "Edna's Birthday Party", Friday Dec. 13, 1971

From episode 45, "Good Bad Boy", Feb. 11, 1971

The above images were graciously contributed by Jim's TV Collectables. If you'd like your own 8x10s of these original ABC photo releases, please visit his site. Jim Benson is working on a book about Rod Serling's Night Gallery, and plans to interview Pam regarding her appearance in the "Brenda" episode in 1975.

Marcus Welby, M.D. (TV 1971) "A Portrait of Debbie"

From a letter from Robert Young: "Dear Pam, Just saw a private screening of 'The Portrait of Debbie" and was thrilled with the excellence and depth of your performance. It was a sensitive and touching portrayal for which you can be properly proud. Was equally delighted with your debut in 'Curiosity Shop' and was surprised to find that among your many outstanding talents you also sing. With every best wish for all good things in your future."

The Delphi Bureau (TV 1971) "Merchant of Death" (Summary)
The Mephisto Waltz (Movie 1971) "Abby Clarkson" (Summary)

From "Mephisto Waltz": Pamelyn and a very 70s Alan Alda - but isn't he always?

Happy Birthday, Wanda June (Movie 1971) (Summary)
Charlie Brown Special (TV 1971) "You're in Love, Charlie Brown"
The Brady Bunch, (TV 'Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?,' episode 42, January 15, 1971) "Lucy" supplied this image of Lucy Winters.

The Beguiled (Movie 1971) "Amy" (Summary)

Pamelyn in "The Beguiled."

The Brady Bunch (TV 1972) "A Birthday for Jan"
Charlie Brown Special (TV 1972) "Charlie Brown Goes To Camp"
The Roman Holidays (TV cartoon, 1973-, still seen on The Cartoon Network) (Voice) "Precocia"
Sealab 2020 (TV 1972-73) Hanna-Barbera animated series. "Sallie", niece of Captain Murphy. (Summary)

Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park (TV 1972) ABC Saturday Superstar Movie "Susie"

Marcus Welby, M.D. (TV 1973) "The Tall Tree"
The Paul Lynde Show (TV 1973-74) "Sally Simms" (Summary)

Doctor Kildaire (TV 1973) Appeared with Cloris Leachman.
Charlotte's Web (Movie Voice) (1973) "Fern Arable" (Summary)

Apple's Way (TV 1974) "The Flag"
Shazam! (TV 1974) "Thou Shall Not Kill" 

"A horse named Beckett that was set to be put to sleep according to the will of a favorite aunt after her death. Pamelyn Ferdin's character, Lynn, had bonded with the horse and was upset and tried to encourage her father, a sheriff, to rescind the execution. Meanwhile, the aunt's horse handler who was injured by Beckett which resulted in him having "a bum leg" would do anything to kill the horse. 
The father/sheriff was caught in the middle, wanting to follow the law and please his daughter. After Lynn tried to help the horse to escape, it was trapped under a fallen tree pushed over by the evil horse handler with his jeep. Just when they were about to shoot the horse because they couldn't release him Captain Marvel shows up and lifts off the tree and then flies to the Judge 500 miles away to get a court order to rescind the execution." Description thanks to Shazam fan Wendolyn Johnson.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (TV Movie 1974)
These Are The Days (TV 1974-76) (Web site)
Lassie (TV 1971-73) "Lucy Baker" (Summary)

Pamelyn at the time of "Lassie"

Night Gallery (TV 1975) episode "Brenda", as "Frances Anne"
Love American Style (TV 1975) "Love + The Instant Father"
CHiPs (TV 1975) A fan said, "One of the guys saves her life, and she gets a crush on him."
Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, (TV 1975?)
Miles to Go Before I Sleep (TV 1975) (Summary)
"The Dating Game" appearance with Lassie (TV 197?)

Sigmund and the Sea Monsters (TV 1976) Episode 2, "Puppy Love", as girl next door "Peggy" (Summary)
(Fan page) (Episode guide) (Links broken as of 2/99)

"The Streets of San Francisco" episode, (TV 1977) "Runaways" as "Chris Cavanaugh" (German summary)

Baretta (TV 1977) "The Runaway"
Space Academy (TV series 1977-79) (Summary)

Photos of "Space Academy" television screen taken in the 70s by zealous teen fan (not me.)

The Toolbox Murders (Movie 1978) "Laurie" (Summary) (Summary)

Vegas (TV 1978) 'Serve Volley And Kill', episode 12, appearance as kidnapped sister of a tennis player, "Katie" (Source)
Project UFO (TV 1978) "Sighting" (Summary)

240-Robert (TV 1979) Appearance as "Nikki". (Summary)

Heidi's Song (Movie 1982?) (Voice) (Summary)


A visitor to this page remembers a "Lassie" television reunion that may have taken place in 1985.

Pine Sol and Avis commercials.


On December 23, 1995, she appeared briefly on CNN regarding "Why not to give a pet for Christmas", which includes a short audio clip.


Detention! (TV 1999) Shelly Kelly (Voice)

Here's Pamelyn's "Shelly Kelly" character from the Warner Bros. Television Animation "Detention" Saturday morning cartoon. shelly150.gif (6167 bytes)